Faux Crown Molding And The Materials To Make It

To make faux crown molding you need to have thin molding paint which is used to make an illusion that you have high end crown molding.  The materials and the tools to have with you are primer, paint, paintbrush, nails, nail gun, laser level, glue and thin decorative molding. Depending on the size of the existing molding with the size of a room, you should first determine how much molding you will need to add. When you add a dentil molding to a basic molding, it may add the drama and the style even if it is something which is simple. You can add the skinny molding at the molding of the average sized which may make an entire molding to look as if it is large and this makes the room to feel small and not that daunting. In case you have a founded molding, you should try two different pieces of the squared off molding and each side has its original rounded section.

If you are not able to benefit from the sculptural silhouette that you can have when you have a real crown molding, you can use a faux effect with a thicker and painted materials. If you are on tight budget and without enough time to do everything, the simple project is to inject the space by the use of dimensions and sophistications that are known to the crown molding.

Classic and thin molding that are in old houses are beautiful but there is a price to pay if you want to have them in your own home. The faux crown molding is a thin option and it is painted to fool the eye. If you are ready to install the faux crown molding, you can find the tutorials online that you can benefit from. You can paint the molding and the wall using the same color but classic white trim paint looks always the best.

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